Protect your skin from melanoma by learning how to avoid its causes when you sign up for tips with us. 

Are you used to tanning beds, lamps and ultraviolet radiation? Let us show you how to avoid melanoma. 

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Having founded Exquisite Jewel a few years ago, my name is Krystal Chavez a dermatologist who has been involved in a lot of studies. Since we discovered that ultraviolet lights in tanning beds and lamps as well as ultraviolet radiation leads to melanoma, we came up with skin protection tips. It's the best solution to keep off the deadly cancer. 

This program is truly effective!

But Don’t Take Our Word For It.

"I love using tanning beds but I was surprised to learn that it contributes in development of melanoma. I wanted to avoid this by all means necessary and that is why I visited Exquisite Jewel. I learnt how to perform self skin examination and how to go for checkups. This has kept me safe from melanoma. "

Tommie Fuller
Exquisite Jewel Client

What Do You Get With This 12-Week Program?

It is one of our responsibilities to protect your skin from melanoma and that is why we offer annual skin checkups at a discounted rate. 

—A Program That Includes—

Self-examination tips

  • You learn how to examine your skin of any abnormalities

Annual checkups

  • You get annual skin checkups at a discounted rate


  • If melanoma is detected, you are offered treatment

Skin care

  • You learn how to take care of your skin

Healthy lifestyle

  • You embrace a healthier lifestyle

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